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"We have to choose the best partner agency for our projects. We are not satisfied with our current partner agency. How should we organize the process in order to make the right choice this time?"
"We spend a lot of time organizing tenders, and we do several tenders during the year. How can we reduce the load?"

You can quickly sort a pool of ad agencies
interested in your project and choose
the best one thanks to marketers feedback,
service statistics and a NewBiz DATA DRIVEN approach and Agency Performance Tracker tool.
"We have to find a new agency but I have doubts what I should do first. There are more agency options than ever before. Whom should I contract to get the best results?"

One window into the global landscape of agencies
From network ad agencies to independent boutiques and startups
Western Asia
United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
Southeast Asia
Сentral Asia

South africa
● We will select agencies
according to your qualification criteria

● We will communicate with them and send you a LONG LIST of agencies that fit the task

● We organize Chemistry meetings with agencies in an online format for the final selection of candidates
for the tender
Friendly, useful
and 100% cost-free
  1. Select agencies
● We take additional reviews about agencies from current clients

● We will organize a briefing
with agencies

● We summarize the tender results and prepare a text with the client's detailed feedback for the agencies which didn't win the tender


We offer outsourcing of procurement services, which will help save not only time, but also budget
2. Help you choose
3. Manage relationships
● We will organize an onboarding meeting with the winning agency

● During the first year of partnership NewBiz collects information about the agency's performance and helps the agency to provide a better service to the client

● We will provide agency with relationship management recommendation if nessesary.

Marketers around the world from startups to huge corporations like NewBiz service

Marketers' review
Margarita Meliksetyan
Global CMO, Awara IT
We were facing an ambitious task - entering new markets in Europe and Central Asia. Within this task, we had to find brand strategy and demand generation partners with B2B expertise and international experience. We were already familiar with the NewBiz service from our previous collaborations, therefore we have decided to contact them immediately.
We are very fond of the NewBiz business process: the initial screening of the request, the selection methodology and communications with agencies. As a result, we have been able to save a lot of time. The initial request was not the easy one to process, since the category of our product is hard and professionally complex - we work in the field of IT consulting and business process automation, providing high-quality technological services specifically tailored to the individual needs of each client. It is rather difficult to find agencies in this specific segment in your own country, let alone finding one in other markets. Dealing with highly specialized queries is NewBiz's single most valuable field of growth, which they are actively improving, helping their clients solve complex problems. We recognize the NewBiz service value, we recommend them and we will definitely continue to include our NewBiz colleagues in our future projects.
Ekaterina Sharapova
FSB Sponsorship and Image Partnership Leading Marketer
NewBiz has helped us select international agencies for a very ambitious charity project in a short period of time. We required agencies with the experience in a philanthropic project development in Asian and African regions. Working with the NewBiz service allowed us to reduce the burden on the marketing department and save time. The team performance was 10 out of 10: they had prepared a letter for the tender based on the info given in the brief, asking questions of a high importance for the creation of the brief itself. The selection of agencies could also, not leave us indifferent: the country, the name of the agency, their readiness and project refs helped us a lot with the selection of agencies for the tender. As a result, we had been offered, a variety of agencies from Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, the Philippines, etc. We are ready to recommend the NewBiz service to other Marketing specialists.

Anna Fomicheva
Head of Operational
Marketing of Subscription Packet, X5 Group
Colleagues helped us not only to choose the strongest players for the tender, but also organized the first meetings-acquaintances, within which the emphasis was already correctly placed on the experience of agencies with non-standard complex products, on their approach to analytics and strategy, an excellent question-and-answer session was organized, which helped us determine the final list of participants before the final briefing, it made it possible to spend the total time resource as efficiently as possible on exceptionally fruitful work.
Margarita Antipova
Head of Digital Marketing, 12 Storeez
A few months ago, we set ourselves the task of updating the pool of media partners. We went through all the processes with a clear sense of a reliable partner and shoulder, because the NewBiz team supported and provided us with the clarity of the procedure at all stages:
- Helped (competent coaching!) to formulate qualification requirements for a partner (in addition to skills and SOW, also partnership metrics);
- Collect all recommendations, long and short listbased on our wishes, organize meetings, summarize, collect materials;
- Hold a briefing, create an assessment template, bring it to a common denominator and summarize.
Elena Rusanova
Marketing Director, Ehrmann
We constantly use the NewBiz service to select agencies for our specific tasks in the field of creative development, branding, digital SMM communications. We are completely satisfied with this cooperation and plan to continue. We have already started digital activities with one of the agencies for our launch under the EPICA brand, with another agency we have approved the concept of a non-standard image project and are starting its implementation.
Victoria Vostryakova
Senior Brand Manager, Svyatoy Istochnik
We asked NewBiz for help in finding a long-term creative partner. The service allowed us to save at least two weeks of working time, which we would have spent searching for agencies and then there would have been a feeling that we could have missed someone. It is worth noting the quality and speed of the team's work, everything was done at the highest level. All our wishes were taken into account. Of course, we will recommend NewBiz to our colleagues and this is confirmed by the fact that we are already seeking help for all emerging projects.
Tatiana Zimenkova
Head of the Advertising Materials Production Department, Sovcombank PJSC
We work with NewBiz on a regular basis and involve their service in the selection and formation of a pool of agencies in the tender, in accordance with our tasks and limitations. We receive up-to-date information from the market, comments on each agency, assistance in communication and coordination throughout the tender period. The NewBiz team personally verifies each agency to give us a detailed picture of the reliability of the partners who are invited to the tender.
In addition, this service allows us to save our time on finding agencies, evaluating them, requesting their portfolio and coordinating subsequent interaction.
Victoria Arsenyeva
Digital Lead, Electrolux
We express our gratitude to NewBiz for the work done on the professional selection of advertising agencies in the following areas: CRM support, Event, selection of a BTL partner in the direction of "Word of Mouth Marketing".

The NewBiz team in a short time offered us a long list of potential candidates with detailed comments on each agency, in accordance with our requirements for them. As a result of the work done, we successfully held a tender and implemented the planned projects.
We have saved our time and received extensive expertise on the agency market.
We are happy to recommend the NewBiz service in matters of interaction with agencies, obtaining valuable insights about the advantages and disadvantages of working with this or that agency.
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