How does the service work?

NewBiz – is a cost-free service that helps to choose a partner agency and manages relations between the agency and client
You fill out the form at your convenience and NewBiz consultants will contact you to clarify the details of the application before the launch of work on your task.

The NewBiz consultant will clarify the qualification criteria for the selection of agencies, coordinate with you the timing and the lettering of the invitations to agencies for tenders.
We collate a selection of agencies
based on qualification criteria and our data on agency performance.

30 agencies receive an invitation to your tender, 10 of them confirm their compliance with the qualification requirements and are added to the Long List for sending to the client.
Selection of agencies
The client selects by portfolio,
5-6 agencies, for the organization of meetings and after the meetings 3-4 agencies are approved to participate in the tender.

NewBiz consultants transfers the contacts and communications with the agencies to the client.

The NewBiz consultant returns for the summing up of the results of the tender. We collect feedback on the participation of agencies in the tender, help with the onboarding of the winning agency, and the management of relations with it during the first year.

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How is the service monetized?
Accredited NewBiz partners work with us under the revenue share system, agencies attribute these costs to the agency's marketing expenses and the NewBiz service is a business development tool for them. For marketers, we do not create additional difficulties in terms of allocating consulting budgets, signing documents, our consultants can easily and quickly process your task and offer you assistance in organizing a tender.
So you will offer us only those agencies
that are in your pool at the moment?
No, we will offer you partners who will solve your problem in the most optimal way. If there are not enough partners in NewBiz Partners for your task, then we will do scouting and qualify these partners, and we will also invite to the tender those partners that the client asks to invite. We invite new partners to cooperate during the tender. According to NewBiz accredited partners, we accumulate performance statistics, which allows us to offer clients the best agencies according to the version of other clients.
The brief form that we use to launch work on your task does not have any confidential nature, project details. We specify only those things that are important for the selection of agencies – this is basic information, and you discuss all the details of the project directly with the agencies. But, if there is a need for a more thorough inclusion of NewBiz consultants in the tender process, then we will sign an NDA with you before the start of work and will carefully monitor compliance with its conditions.
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