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NewBiz Partners helps digital advertising agencies, productions, studios, as well as technology companies to develop business by receiving invitations to closed tenders from major advertisers.
The NewBiz partner program includes more than 150 partners of various echelons, from large network and media companies to small boutique agencies. In cooperation with NewBiz, you will be able to realize ambitious business opportunities and take your agency to a whole new level.
Get accredited and become a part of the NewBiz Partners professional community. To do this, fill out the application form and confirm your expertise and the agency's main services with reviews from current customers.

Free accreditation.
Payment is made only upon conclusion of a transaction with the client.
New business
Major advertisers turn to us for help in selecting agencies and supporting tender processes.

Our consultants will be able to send you invitations
to relevant tenders
and recommend your agency to clients based on the data – Agency Performance Tracker.
NewBiz tenders
The agency receives an invitation to tender from NewBiz, confirms its readiness to participate and compliance with the qualification requirements, sends the necessary materials and gets on the Long List for the subsequent selection of the agency by the client to participate in a meeting/ acquaintance with the client. After that, a Short List is formed, and the agency is invited to the tender for participation and direct interaction with the client.
Business Management
NewBiz collects statistics on agency performance and key conversions. Also, the NewBiz service receives constant feedback from clients at the accreditation stage, meeting dates, following the results of the tender, and 3 times during the first year of the agency's work with the client. This data allows you to manage the business and the new business process at each stage.
All leading agencies
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From network agencies to independent Russian boutiques and startups
What do our partners think about us?
Danil Petrov
Founder and CEO, DADA Agency
I want to convey my warm gratitude to the NewBiz team.

The new formats of interaction that the guys are constantly coming up with help connect the market not only within agencies, which is already a big deal, but also agencies with clients. This allows you to hear and understand each other better, as well as to feel that everyone has almost the same questions, and that you are not the only one.

This is community support, which the NewBiz team has been working on for several years!
Alexander Bozhko
Co-founder and Creative Director, The Clients
Once King Henry III said: "Too small to be a real war, and too cruel to be considered just a game."

Most likely, the last king of the Valois dynasty was referring to the advertising market. And, of course, he was right.

I am grateful to NewBiz for building bridges of friendship between agencies, clients and other agencies. This process is necessary for the market and it is surprising that practically no one else is doing this. Perhaps because the guys are perfectly coping with this impossible task.
Denis Goloveshkin
Co-owner and Creative Director, TMW studio
I know how difficult it is to sell and promote professional services, especially branding, especially in Russia.

The NewBiz team helped me well in this difficult task. From the very first time we met, the guys were pleasantly surprised by the depth of the approach – they did not just "walk" through the TOR, but talked to me with a sense and arrangement in order to understand the specifics of my business.

Special thanks to Nastya for her endurance and initiative in preparing a series of articles. It's very nice when you get more than we discussed at first.
Olga Kalashnikova
CEO & Founder, Semantex
I express my gratitude to the NewBiz team for the fruitful work on our projects. During the cooperation, the company has established itself as a reliable business and professional partner who can be entrusted with the entire range of tasks for comprehensive promotion.

The peculiarity of the agency's approach is the desire to solve business problems, not narrow tasks. Colleagues deeply study the marketing needs of the company and the sales process, then
offer a comprehensive strategy and tactics of promotion.

We are satisfied with NewBiz's services and are ready to recommend the agency to other companies, especially those who want to go beyond the usual approaches and find new opportunities and clients.
Andrey Kuleshov
Co-Founder, North Sea Duck
NewBiz Partners Program is an excellent solution in the advertising services market, which allows you to compete with large agencies in tenders of large companies. We have collaborated with NewBiz on many projects and have always felt an expert attitude and a high level of support. At the same time, we were in direct contact with the customer and could demonstrate all our strengths. This format of cooperation allowed us to win tenders from many major players, showing our maximum interest and high level of expertise in the announced tenders.
Sergey Orekhov
Co-Founder, Pinkman
We have been cooperating with the NewBiz team for about three years.
During this time, we sent our accounts for pumping to NewBiz Academy, trained ourselves, went to clients on Uber Conf, met potential clients at Appetite dinner parties and participated in tenders within the framework of Agency Search. The NewBiz team has become our guide to the world of large clients: for expertise in accounting and networking with potential clients, we go to them.
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Referral program

According to statistics, 70% of tenders that come to the agency organically are not targeted for it. The referral program allows you to monetize organic customer traffic and make earnings from irrelevant leads.
features of NewBiz
MarCom Club

A community for agencies and clients that unites leaders from the world of advertising and marketing. Helps agencies to establish useful connections with the client and professional community with the help of marketing and PR tools.
Marketers' Research

Qualitative research from 2021 in the form of a series of in-depth interviews with top-level marketers, and segmentation of marketers. You will get acquainted with insights, barriers, and customer needs when working with agencies.
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